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Alberta Energy Dilemma

With some of the largest deposits of oil, coal, and natural gas, Canada has the potential to establish itself as a global energy leader. In addition to Alberta’s vast deposits of fossil fuels, hydro, wind and solar energy projects have also been a big part of Canada’s energy mix. Moreover, as fluctuating oil and gas prices have led to a recession, the adage of diversifying the economy has once again been tabled. Typically, stakeholder groups that support Alberta’s oil industry and the Clean Tech energy development lobbyists do not agree on what the proper strategy for Canada’s renewable energy development is. Currently, there is no nationwide energy strategy, and this is a topic of debate as to whether one should or should not exist. Recent discussions over the country’s sustainable energy development policy have led to the conclusion that rather than considering the oil and the renewable energy sectors as rivals, they should look into collaborating with each other.

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